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Lila Buffet Styling creates delicious cuisine and unique décor

for your Twin-Cities area events & celebrations.

Led by French owner Aurelie Spirito, Lila Buffet Styling is committed to go beyond the ordinary and dedicated to serving fresh and healthy food in a wonderful atmosphere. We delight your palate, wow your guests and let you feel good about what you are eating.

We just love matching bold & exciting flavors with custom-design décor to create the perfect ambiance

that will make your event sparkle!


Meet the 2 women making things happen and the team behind them:

Meet The Team

Aurelie Spirito, Owner

Aurelie Spirito  "Lili"


Owner - Food & Decor Specialist

French roots and traditions...   A passion for food and design...

Aurelie's creativity and vision transform a meal into a unique visual and culinary experience. Aurelie loves to wow her clients and help them create the best memories!

Melissa Sanchez, Event Manger

Melissa Sanchez

Event Manager

A lifelong passion for food...

A big heart, fun and loving personality...

Melissa always goes the extra mile to make her client's happiness and satisfaction her top priority!

“A gourmand (or gourmande, if it’s a female) is a person who cannot help but eat food that is pleasing to the eye. Just looking at or smelling a well-arranged and colorful dish awakens the imagination and makes you really want to taste it. Most French people are gourmands!”

Aurelie Spirito, owner

Aurelie Spirito

Owner - Food & Decor Specialist

Aurelie grew up in a small countryside village in the South of France, close to Montpellier. After graduating from a Business school she was rapidly attracted by the hospitality business.  With a partner, she developed a new concept of Wine tasting, Catering and Buffet Styling in 2002. But when her husband got a job offer in MN, the couple jumped into the new adventure and landed in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 2007.

After spending a year learning English by volunteering, meeting people and living her new American life, Aurelie decided to resume her business in 2008. With Lila Buffet Styling she wanted to offer locally the benefit of her French experience and “savoir-faire” as well as her passion for food and decoration.

​The business is more than putting together a buffet - it's creating a custom party experience.

Some people call Aurelie their "Catering Concierge"! She loves creating the ambiance that make a party memorable.

Aurelie Spirito, Owner

 " I like to pay attention to every

detail to create the amazing atmosphere my customer like to enjoy. It is so rewarding to make people happy and have them experience something different".

When not designing new menus or shopping for decor, Aurelie enjoys spending time with her husband Jean-Marie and their 3 children. Hiking, skiing, diving, snorkeling and traveling are passions shared by the entire family.

Following a gluten and dairy free diet, Aurelie likes to cook and try out new recipes to satisfy her culinary adventurous children! 

She loves to entertain and meet with friends for outdoor adventures or trying new restaurants.

Aurelie Spirito


Tel:     (612) 666 7822

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Melissa Sanchez, Event Managr

Event Manager

Melissa Sanchez

Melissa grew up in Eden Prairie, MN and started a career in the food and restaurant industry at an early age. While earning a degree in Business Management and later a degree in Health and Fitness, she continued to work for a local restaurant company, managing several properties, a total of 14 years.


After getting married and starting a family, she decided to stay home for a few years while her children were young. It wasn’t long before Melissa connected with Lila Buffet Styling.

Melissa has a passion for excellent food and unique presentation and knew working with Aurelie at Lila Buffet Styling was the perfect fit! She loves that every event is for her an opportunity to create a memorable experience, meet wonderful people and utilize her culinary and design skills.


When not planning events, Melissa enjoys the outdoors, trying new recipes and spending time with her husband, 3 boys and family dog!

Melissa Sanchez


Tel:     (612) 414 5222

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Lila Buffet Styling Team
Lila Buffet Syling Team

Our team of experienced, dedicated and fun

Servers & Bartenders

We could not do it without our team of friendly and experienced servers and bartenders!

Bridget, Liam, Andrew, Jessi, and several more, help us make our vision reality. They are all dedicated to make sure every little detail is well taken care of, in order to provide you and your guests

with an amazing experience.

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